12 Important Apps You Should Have On Your Phone (UPDATED)

Are you looking for the best apps you should have on your phone? Check out this article for 12 important apps you should have on your phone.

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A phone without cool and important apps is just like an empty refrigerator. You have an amazing phone with a killer camera, long-lasting battery, and a very fast processing power but nothing to use the phone for.

Apps You Should Have On Your Phone

There are a lot of apps out there and it’s difficult to find the most important ones so, in this article, I’ll be listing out the 12 most important apps you should have on your phone.

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Facebook & Messenger

Facebook & Messenger

Facebook is the biggest social media platform and it comes with 2 nice and decent apps available for download.

Keep up with your friends and family, meet new people, stay in contact with old people, and enter into instant chats with them.

Facebook and Messenger have got it all. Games, online dating, shopping and so much more.

Plus, your personal information is kept private and secure.

Alternative: Facebook Lite & Messenger Lite

WhatsApp Messenger


As far as messaging apps go, WhatsApp is still one of the best and on top of that, it’s free.

It allows instant messaging, sending pictures, videos, voice notes, documents, and even sharing contacts with your friends and family. It also allows voice and video calls.

Secures end-to-end encryption which means it’s well protected and has a nice and super friendly interface.

Alternative: FMWhatsApp

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YouTube is one of the best search engines which makes it one of the best apps there is.

It offers a wide range of knowledge and information in video form all at your fingertips.

YouTube is also one of the best advertising platforms. A place to share your skills and earn from them.

Alternative: FlyTube

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Opera News

Opera News

If you are the type of person who loves to stay informed of things around you and argue on the latest news, then Opera News is the place to get it.

Stay informed with the latest news about anything and everything with push notifications.

It also gives room for content writing and earning from it with Opera News Hub.

Alternative: Opera News Lite and MORE

WPS Office

WPS Office

WPS is a cool office app for opening and/or editing any form of document. It could be PDF files or Docx. And is also compatible with all Microsoft Office apps.

This is a great app for writing documents for all occasions.

It’s like having a small office right in your phone with cloud storage.

Alternative: Microsoft Office



Evernote is not just like your everyday notepad.

It’s also a list keeper, note taker, voice recorder, to-do list manager, webpage clipper, and a digital multi-tool. This app has virtually everything you need.

It also comes with a handwriting feature.

Alternative: Microsoft OneNote



VLC is one of the best and most popular video-playing apps.

Watch as many videos as you want in any format. Download subtitle to any movie.

VLC also has a very good interface that is easy to use and also comes with a highly customizable TV view.

Alternative: MX Player

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For those who can read a 100 paged book and get to half of another in a day, tell amazing stories and write just as amazing, this app is for you.

Wattpad is one of the most-loved social storytelling platforms. It connects millions of readers and writers all over the globe through the power of story.

It also helps when boredom is overwhelming you. There is also room to write great stories and earn from them.

Alternative: Goodreads



If you are the type that always has tasks to do especially if you are in school or working, then you need this app.

ClickUp is a tool that comes with a lot of tools. It’s a hundred in one tool.

It is a task management tool that has a lot of tools within it. You can create documents, set reminders, and collaborate with people.

You can create tasks, subtasks, and checklists, customize how you view them and so much more.

To get the full effect of this tool, you should use it on your system but the mobile app also comes with everything you need. You can also sync it with your Google Calendar and other tools you use.

They have a forever free version with limited but useful amazing features and also a paid version with unlimited features so check it out here.

Alternative: Trello, Asana and Taskcade


Galarm App

You know that moment when you set an alarm and then you wake up 2 hours after the alarm had gone off, well sleep no more.

Galarm is the best alarm app you could ever have. It comes with a lot of features and will help you break out of sleep.

You can create an account on the app so it stores your alarms on the cloud. If you log in anywhere, your alarms will be waiting.

You can also set repeated alarms like weekly, monthly or set a custom pattern.

And best of all, it has a group alarm feature that allows you to set alarms as a group with friends as long as they have the app and have set it up. You can also set alarms for your friends and vice versa.

If this app doesn’t get you out of bed, I don’t know what will.

Alternative: Alarmy

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If you don’t have this app on your phone, you are going to miss out on a lot of things.

Xender is by far the best file transferring app ever made. The age of Flashare and Bluetooth transfer is long gone.

You can transfer anything with any size as long as it’s on your phone. It saves having to use a USB/Data connection to share and receive things.

It also comes with a feature to use Xender on PC.

And those are the 12 most important apps you should have on your phone

We hoped this article helped you decide on the best apps you should have. Also, check out our top free football offline mobile games.

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