How To Use Chrome Extensions To Improve Your Browsing Experience

What are Chrome extensions, why should you use them? Find out here. Check out our guide on how chrome extensions can help improve your chrome experience.

What are Chrome Extensions?


Chrome Extensions are small software programs that customize the chrome browsing experience. They enable users to tailor Chrome functionality and behaviour to individual needs or preferences.

Simply put, they’re like apps for your chrome browser. They are mainly for chrome browser on PC/Laptop

What Can Chrome Extensions Do?

There are over 180,000 chrome extensions in the chrome web store with up to 12 categories to choose from. Most of them are free.

To get a chrome extension on your chrome PC, you need to have a Gmail account. If you don’t have one, see our simple guide on how to create a Gmail account easily.

There are a lot of chrome extensions with different functions. They help to improve your browsing on chrome.

Why You Need Chrome Extensions

How Many Chrome Extensions Can You Have?

I’m sure that seeing this has brought up so many things you want to try in your mind and you are wondering, “how many can I have?

Well, you can have as many chrome extensions as you want but there’s a catch. You can only have 20 that are activated.

This means you can upload as many chrome extensions as you want but you can only have 20 published and activated. These 20 will be actively functioning on your chrome browser.

How Chrome Extensions Work

You can find Chrome extensions in the Chrome Web Store to add various functions to your chrome browser.

Chrome extension pinterest

Search for the chrome extension you want to add and select it.

This should open the chrome extension and give you an overview of what the extension does.

It also shows you some screenshots of how the extension works.

Pinterest chrome extension add to chrome

Then a prompt should appear at the top of your chrome browser screen which prompts you to add the extension.

Click on the button.

It will then download the extension file and automatically add the extension to your browser.

chrome extensions position

After adding it to your chrome extension, it then shows at the top right of your chrome browser.

Extensions For Mobile

chrome extensions for mobile

Some extensions support mobile. They appear as apps on mobile phones.

It is shown on the extension overview page when you select a particular extension.

Not all extensions support mobile.

And that’s the easy way to improve your browsing experience using Chrome extensions.

We hope this article helped you learn more about Chrome extensions and how to use them to improve your browsing experience.

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