How to Create and Customize a New Telegram Theme Easily

Do you want to customize a new telegram theme to fit your liking? Check out our simple and comprehensive guide on how to easily customize one.

create and customize a new telegram theme

Telegram is one of the best and most popular messaging apps there is. It has a lot of features and is easy to work with.

Telegram comes with a lot of various themes to choose from but sometimes, they aren’t what we want. So Telegram added the feature to create your personalized theme and customize it however you want with different colours, backgrounds and so much more.

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Customize a New Telegram Theme

Hamburger icon

Telegram Settings

First, we have to head over to the Telegram app and click on the hamburger icon at the top left of the screen. Then select the settings tab which will lead to the Telegram settings page.

Telegram settings

Chat Settings

Chat settings

On getting to the Telegram settings in the Telegram app, we then select the chat settings tab which will then lead to the chat settings page.

All chat settings

Here you can edit and customize a lot of features related to your chats like selecting an already made colour theme, text size, and much more.

Create New Theme

Chat settings three dots

Now, to create our brand new Telegram theme, just click on the three (3) dots at the top right corner of the chat settings page.

Create new telegram theme

An option should pop up, “Create new theme”. We click on that to begin setting up our new theme.

We can create our own theme by changing colours within the telegram app. And we can also switch back to the default theme anytime.

new color theme

Name Your New Theme

Name new theme

Then you input a name for your new telegram theme and hit the select button.

Then a pop-up circle should appear on the screen. Like a paint icon inside a circle at the top right of the screen.

Edit icon

Clicking on that should open a list of options to select from. Options to edit the colours of the screen you are presently on.

Customize Your New Theme

Theme Editor

So, to edit a particular screen, for example, the chat screen, all you have to do is navigate to any chat and click on the pop-up circle to edit the chat screen.

And if to edit the main home page of the Telegram app, where the lists of chats are, just head there and click on the pop-up editing circle and edit the colours however you want.

Full theme editor

You can edit virtually all the elements on different screens.

Save New Theme

Save theme

After editing the theme to your preferred colour and look, then click on the save theme option in the editing pop-up to save your designed theme.

Edit, Delete or Share

You can always edit a theme that you had created before anytime you want by heading back to the chat settings like earlier stated in the article.

New theme three dots

You should now see your newly created theme(s). Then click on the three (3) dots at the top of your theme. There should be various options for the theme.

  • Share
  • Export
  • Edit
  • Set link
  • Delete
New theme options

You can also share your Telegram theme with your friends and also set a link for the theme and other options.

And that’s the simple way on how to create and customize a new Telegram theme.

We hoped this article helped you easily customize a new Telegram theme.

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