2 Simplified Ways On How To Disable Notifications On Android

Do you want to disable notifications on android of single or all apps? Check out this article for a simplified explanation.

Disable Notifications On android Phone

There’s always at least one app you have on your android phone that always bugs you the most. All the app does is send you unnecessary notifications and you just can’t stand it.

Well, you are in luck because I’ll be giving you a simple way to stop all your apps from sending notifications all at once.

I’ll also be explaining how to easily disable notifications on android for apps individually.

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Disable Notifications On Android

Do not disturb Feature

A lot of people know this function on android but for those who don’t, Do not disturb is a feature that allows you to turn off all notifications on your phone.

It also allows you to give exceptions to some alerts and events like alarms or calls.

Having this feature enabled disables all notifications at once and lets you use your phone without any distraction.

NOTE: This feature doesn’t stop them from sending notifications or calls but only mutes them so no sound is made from them.

This feature is also important for those in school that don’t want any notifications or calls in class and it’s easy to set up.

You can also deactivate this feature anytime and set an automated switch that will automatically turn it on and off.

Do not disturb Set-up

To enable this feature, first, you have to head to your phone’s settings and go to the sound and vibrations tab.

Sounds and vibrations

Then head to the Do not disturb tab. You can click on that to start setting it up or just flip the switch to turn it on immediately if you have already set it up.

do not disturb tab

Opening the Do not disturb tab gives you different settings to apply.

You can also open the do not disturb feature by sliding down your notifications bar and looking for the do not disturb button.

Notification bar do not disturb

Then you hold on this and it should take you straight to the do not disturb settings.

You can enable it immediately with the enable now switch.

Do not disturb Schedule

Do not disturb schedule

You can schedule when the do not disturb feature should be turned on and off.

This feature lets you set a time when the feature will be turned on and be turned off. So with this feature, you don’t have to keep heading to settings to turn it off and one every

Schedule time

You can set the time for each day and even set the days you want it to be turned on and off.

Do not disturb Exceptions

You can also set up exceptions.

This feature lets you set the events or occurrences that should negate the do not disturb feature.

Exceptions alarms

It could be alarms only. That means the alarms you set will ring even if the “do not disturb” feature is turned on.

You can also set up some custom do not disturb exceptions like:

  • Repeated callers: For callers who just keep calling you.
  • Calls from: There are just some calls you don’t want to miss so you can add special callers. This way, other calls won’t be shown but your special calls set will be visible.
  • Messages from: You could be expecting a special or important message from someone and don’t want to miss it. This feature gives you a way to disable other messages and still receive your message.
Other exceptions
  • Events/task alerts: This feature is for calendar events like birthdays or special celebrations. Not to miss those special events, you set this up.
  • Reminders: There are some apps that give you reminders of certain things, like games. This feature helps you not to miss them.
  • Priority app notification: This is for special 2 or 3 apps that you don’t want to be silenced.
Notifications visibility

You can also decide if you want the notifications silenced by do not disturb to appear when your screen is either on or off.

And that’s it about the Do not disturb feature.

Disable Notifications on Specific Apps Individually

Unlike the do not disturb feature above, this feature disables notifications for selected apps.

And this feature doesn’t just mute them but also stops them from sending any notifications whatsoever.

You can also enable it for all apps or just some. And you can disable it anytime.

To enable this feature, just head to your phone’s settings and go to the notifications tab.

Opening this should pull up a list of all your apps from A-Z.

Disable notifications individual

You can decide to apply this feature for all the apps at once or select the apps you want notifications from and deselect the ones you don’t want notifications from.

It’s as easy as that.

And on some android phones, there is an advanced button at the top right of the screen.


Clicking it will also give you some other features like allowing the notifications to show but in a silent way and also if you want the notifications to show on the lock screen or not.

Advanced Notifications Settings

And that’s it on how to easily disable notifications on android apps generally or individually.

We hope this article helped you disable notifications on android apps that bug and disturb you.

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