Find Your Lost Android Phone Easily With Google (No App Necessary)

Do you want to locate and find your lost android phone easily and also do some remote actions on it? Check out this simple but explanatory guide on how to find it.

Find your lost phone easily

So you have lost your android phone by maybe leaving it in a car or a game of truth or dare which went wrong. It could also have just been straight up stolen, well you are in luck cause today, I’m giving you ways to track and find your lost android phone easily.

I’ll also be telling you some remote features you can apply to find your android phone easier.

To track, locate, find, erase, sound an alarm or lock your lost android phone is just a piece of cake if you read and follow these easy steps.

Google installs a find my phone feature in every phone that has a functioning Gmail account in it which gives us the ability to find our phone easily.

For these methods to work, you need a functioning and reachable Gmail account. If you don’t have one, check out our extensively simple guide on how to create a Gmail account easily. You can also create a business account.

And also, the Gmail account should have been logged in on the lost android phone for these methods to work.

Locate and Find Your Lost Android Phone

There are a lot of ways to find your lost android phone but I’ll be giving you two (2) of the best ways and which are also methods recommended by Google. They also do not require you to download any app or software.

Using URL Method

URL method

This method as the name implies involves you imputing a URL in a browser’s search bar.

Note: On the browser, preferably Chrome, either on another phone or PC, you must be logged in with the same Gmail account that is logged in on the lost android phone.

Now that you are logged in on both your lost phone and also on the browser you intend to use, let get to it.

In a new tab, type in the address bar at the top and hit search.

That should then take you to Google Find My Phone site which will display a wide map and shows the last location your phone had an internet connection.

It also shows the name of the phone at the left sidebar, the battery percent, the network it’s connected to, and other features which I will get to later on in this guide.

google find my phone

And now, you can use the map to locate where your phone was/is when it last had an internet connection. You can also zoom in.

Remote Features

remote features

Now, Google also added some remote features to increase the probability of you finding your phone easily, or your phone finding you. But these features work only if your android phone currently has an internet connection.

  • Play sound: This feature allows you to remotely sound an alarm which tells you where it is exactly. And this feature works even if it’s set to silent. It rings for 5 minutes.
  • Secure Device: This feature instantly locks and secures your lost android phone and gives you the ability to write a message and a phone number to display on the phone’s screen so whoever finds it can contact you.
secure device
  • Erase Device: Google also provided a fail-safe just in case you can’t get the phone again and you just want to erase it and everything on it totally. And this requires you to input your email address and password.

Using Instant Google Search

instant google search method

For those who don’t want to go through the trouble of remembering the URL to write, this method is perfect for you.

For this method, all you have to do is to input anything related to “find my phone” into the Google search bar.

It could be “lost android phone” or “find my device”. Just anything that relates to the topic.

After searching for it, it will then show you a mini Google find my phone which is similar to that in the first method.

It displays the name of the phone and the location where it had an internet connection last.

google search features

Remote Features

  • Ring: Like the URL method, this also sounds an alarm on your lost android phone even if it’s set to silent.
  • Recover: By clicking on the recover feature, it sends you to another page which shows all the devices you have logged your Gmail account into. It also gives you a way to secure any device you select.
Find your phone recover options

And that’s how to locate and find your lost android phone easily using Google methods.

We hoped this article helped you find your lost android phone. You might also want to check out our detailed guide on how to easily log in to your Gmail account using fingerprint.

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