How To Easily Get Chat Heads On WhatsApp

Do you want to get cool chat heads on WhatsApp? A simple and cool feature to chat anywhere on your phone. Check out this article for steps on how to get it.

get chat heads on whatsapp

What is Chat Head

Chat head which is also known as chat bubble is a feature originally present in Messenger for Facebook which enables you to chat on any screen you are on by minimizing the chat into a small circle that can appear on any screen

It makes chatting easy and more flexible. It’s like a slightly different way to split your screen.

How to Get Chat Heads on WhatsApp

Getting chat heads on WhatsApp is quite easy for anyone to do.

First, we download Flychat from Google Play Store.

Download flychat

Flychat is the best android app to get chat heads on almost all social media messaging apps. It’s easy to use and has lots of customizable features and settings.

Grant Permissions

After installing the app onto your android phone, open it and activate it.

Grant permissions

To activate it, we will be asked to allow certain permissions for the app to function as it should. Like overlay over other apps and receive notifications.

Activate WhatsApp

After granting Flychat those permissions, you then see a list of various messaging apps that are available and can get the chat head feature.

Activate and configure

WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, and others.

Since what we are looking for is WhatsApp, click on the WhatsApp section to configure the settings.

Configure Settings

There are lots of settings to configure. You can change the colour of the app, choose a theme you prefer, and other cool features.

Flychat WhatsApp settings

It also gives access to turn the screen on immediately after a message gets into your phone. And also cancel notification from the status bar or remove it entirely.

Flychat Settings

You can also set up other configurations in the main settings of the app. Click on the hamburger icon at the top right of the app.

Flychat main settings

Here, you can reduce and also increase the size of the chat head when the messaging app is open, remember the last position you placed the chat head and so much more.

Quick Steps

  • Install the Flychat app.
  • Open app
  • Grant permissions.
  • Choose and activate WhatsApp.
  • Set up the look and feel of the chat head.
  • Set up main app settings.

And that’s how to easily get the cool chat heads on WhatsApp feature on your phone.

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Other Apps

There are also other apps that you can use to get chat head on WhatsApp if Flychat isn’t working for you or isn’t what you are looking for.

We hoped this article helped you easily get the WhatsApp chat head feature on your android phone.

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