Easily Get Dark Mode On Chrome Today (Phone & PC)

Do you want to get an awesome dark mode for Chrome on both your Android phone and your Windows PC? Check out this guide on how to easily get dark mode on Chrome Browser.

Dark mode on Chrome

Almost everyone loves being able to tune up their phone by activating dark mode. It also helps reduce brightness and reduces battery usage.

Chrome is the best browser by Google that has virtually all the features you need and more.

It helps in saving passwords and automatically inserting them when needed. It also saves card information for online shopping and other cool features.

Having dark mode on Chrome just makes chrome look even better and more cooler. And it reduces light which is good for the eyes and reduces battery usage and saves battery.

So, today, I’ll be showing you how to easily get dark mode on Chrome for either your Android phone or your Windows PC.

Get Dark Mode On Chrome For Android Phone

Mobile Chrome Dark Mode

So, to get dark mode on Chrome for your phone, open the Chrome app. The app will be in its usual light mode.

Mobile Chrome Settings

Then click on the three (3) dots at the top right corner of the app. This will open a panel of various options to choose from. You then select the settings tab from the options.

That should open the settings page where you can set different things on the Chrome app. Then scroll down till you see the Theme option. Click on that to see options to change the theme.

Chrome theme

This will then show you options to choose from.

  • System Default: This turns on dark mode automatically when battery saver is on.
  • Light
  • Dark
Chrome theme select

Then you can choose from these options above and change themes anytime you want.

And that’s how to get dark mode on Chrome for your mobile browser.

Get Dark Mode On Chrome For PC

To get dark mode on Chrome for PC, you will need to download a Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store and if you want to know more about Chrome extensions, check out our guide about how Chrome extensions help to improve your browsing experience.

Head to the Chrome Web Store. Since we are looking for a dark theme, you can then search for “dark theme” in the search bar at the left.

Chrome Web store dark theme

After searching, you would then see some Chrome extensions to choose from. But for this guide, I’ll be using the Dark Theme for Chrome extension.

This extension is the best Dark Mode extension for Chrome on PC. It has cool features. Easily switch from light to dark theme with just one button and switch back anytime.

You can also exclude some specific sites from the dark mode and also create your custom theme with any colour you like.

Social media networks, all sites, and all other New Tabs will all be in dark mode.

Add dark theme for chrome

To add this extension to your Chrome browser, click on the “Add to Chrome” button to install the extension to your Chrome browser.

After clicking on the button, it will then download the extension file to your PC. Then a prompt will appear at the top of the screen asking to install the extension to your Chrome browser.

Dark mode for Chrome extension

Click on add to chrome. Then it will be added to your Chrome browser automatically.

You can see the extension at the top right of your Chrome screen. If you don’t see it, click on the puzzle piece icon. You will then see a list of your Chrome extensions. You can choose to pin anyone to always show at the top right.

Clicking on it will immediately change the theme of the Chrome browser to dark mode and clicking on it again will turn it back to normal. Easy.

WikiDevices Chrome Dark Mode

You can also exclude certain sites and pages from the dark mode.

Right-click on the extension at the top right corner and select options.

This will take you to a page where you can exclude sites and pages from the dark mode feature.

Dark mode for Chrome options

You can also create your theme instead of the regular dark theme.

And that’s the simple way on how to get dark mode for your Chrome browser.

We hope this article helped you easily get dark mode on Chrome for both your Android phone your PC.

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