How to Successfully Get Subtitles for Movies/Series on Android Using VLC

Do you ever ask yourself, “How can I get subtitles for a Movie?”, or “How do I add subtitles to my movies?” Well, check out our step-by-step guide on how to easily do get subtitles for movies and series on your Android phone with VLC Player.

One of our readers on WikiDevices used our contact form and asked us how to get and insert subtitles to any movie and series. Well, today, you will learn how to easily do that.

What Are Subtitles?


Subtitles (movie-based) are translated captions of a particular video file that tells you exactly what is being said in the video. They are srt files, which means, they end with (.srt).

They come in different languages to help those watching movies that aren’t in their language.

Everyone loves watching movies or series with subtitles. It just makes it easier and helps when in crowded areas and you cannot hear the voices clearly and an earpiece isn’t available.

There are several ways to get subtitles on any movie or series but today, I’m going to be giving you 4 ways to easily do it.

Get Subtitles for Movies and Series


Using Inbuilt Subtitle Downloader On VLC Player

The VLC Player on mobile is one of the most popular and most used Video and Audio players in the world.

It’s easy to use, has a simple interface, and has lots of features like grouping videos according to folders or name, downloading and inserting subtitles, resuming from the last position, and more cool features.

It also has a PC version.

Adding subtitles in VLC is easy. All you have to do is to open up your VLC Player, play the video that you need the subtitle for, then click on the subtitle icon at the bottom left of the video.

Clicking on that should give you options on the Audio track and the Subtitle track. You can disable the audio or the subtitle.

Subtitle options

Most movies come with an added subtitle track but it does not always go along with the movie. Click on the arrow icon to open up more options.

You can also add a delay to the subtitle track if it’s slightly off making it faster or slower.

Now if you already have a subtitle file, you can select the “Select subtitle file” option. But if you don’t have a subtitle file, click on the “Download subtitles

Subtitle online search

Note: Your mobile data must be turned on cause VLC will need to get the subtitle online.

In some cases, the online search will not find any subtitle for your video so you can search manually. Just click on the search icon at the top and input the name of the video you are watching. The Season and Episode text areas are not needed when looking for a Movie subtitle.

Subtitle manual online search

You can also choose different languages by clicking on the Globe icon. Then search.

Now, VLC will go online and get all subtitles that have what you searched for and there’s probably going to be a lot so you are going to have to download a few and try them out to see which matches your Video but in most cases, it’s usually correct in the first subtitle file.

Subtitle VLC download

So download the subtitle file and head back to the subtitle options. You can now select the subtitle you downloaded and enjoy your Movie or Series.

And that’s how to use VLC Player to easily get subtitles to movies or series.

Add VLC subtitle

Direct Online Download

Now, rather than using VLC or even MX Player which some people use, you can also download straight from the internet and then insert it into the player you use.

You can download subtitles from several places like:

After downloading your desired subtitle file, in some cases, it comes in a “zip” file, which you would have to unzip before you can access the subtitle file.

Subtitle unzip

Then you head over back to VLC and in the subtitle option, select the “Select subtitle file” option and go to wherever you downloaded the file to. Select the file and enjoy your movie.

Insert subtitle

And that’s how to easily get subtitles to virtually any movie or series using VLC.

We hope this article helped you easily get subtitles for movies and series on Android using VLC.

Also, see a guide on how to find and load subtitle files on PC

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