How To Create Any Online Form Using Free Google Forms

Do you want to create an online form for free using Google Forms? Do you have applications or registrations to collect? Well, in this article, WikiDevices will show you how to create any type of form using Google forms.


Online forms help to collect a wide range of data anywhere in the world. It can be used to collect admission requests, applications, registrations, payments, and even votes and subscribers for a website.

Online forms are also safer than forms on paper and can be stored online, on drives and, on any other online storage system.

Google has made an incredible online form creator that gives us virtually any feature that’s needed in building an online form.

What Is Google Forms?

Google Forms is a free online form creator by Google for Gmail users used to build any type of online form. It is one of many of Google’s web-based online apps.

Anyone can use Google Forms as long as you have an active Gmail account. If not, check out our guide on how to create a Google account for personal use or your business.

Anyone can respond to Google Forms unless set up otherwise but only Gmail account holders can create forms using Google Forms.

How Does Google Forms Work?

Google Forms is a free online form creator to build online forms. It can be used to create virtually any type of form like quizzes, polls, surveys, and more. Forms created are then securely stored on your Google Drive and can be accessed and edited anytime.


Google Forms has a wide range of templates to choose from and you can also start from scratch and create yours.

You can create unlimited forms with an unlimited questions using Google Forms. You can also view your form responses in a pie chart to see the data in a detailed way or connect it to a custom spreadsheet.

Did I mention Google Forms is free?

Google Forms Business

As I mentioned earlier, Google Forms is free but for some special business-related features like connecting to all G-Suites apps seamlessly.

In my opinion, there’s no difference between the free and the business part of Google Forms other than having access to Google Workspace which connects you to G-Suites web apps. And that also has its advantages.

Create an Online Form with Google Forms

Creating online forms using Google Forms is quite easy. Today, WikiDevices will be giving you everything you need to know when creating online forms with Google Forms.

First, you need to go to the Google Forms Website. If you are already logged into your Gmail account on your browser, then you are good to go. If not, you will be prompted to log in.

You may want to check out our guide on how to easily login to your Gmail account using your fingerprint.


Now that you are logged in to your Gmail account, you can start creating online forms.

Google Forms gives us the option to choose from readymade templates like Contact Information, Signup Forms, Invitations, and so much more. There are a lot of templates to choose from.

You can also start from scratch if you want to. Today, we’ll be starting from scratch to get the full experience.

So go ahead and create a Blank Form. This will bring you to the form builder.

Google Forms Details

Google Forms Details
  1. Overall Form Title (Section 1).
  2. Form Description.
  3. Question.
  4. Answers/Answer Box.
  5. Question Types.
  6. Question Options.
  7. Additions.


Google Forms Additions
  1. Add Questions.
  2. Import Questions. (From Other Forms)
  3. Add Title and Description.
  4. Add Image.
  5. Add Video.
  6. Add Section


Google Forms Sections

Google Forms allow you to create various sections with various questions in them. It appears as pages with the next button when filling the form.

You can also determine which section it goes to when the next button is clicked.

Question Types

Google Forms has a wide range of question types to choose from which makes it more flexible.

Google Forms Question Types
  • Short Answer.
  • Paragraph.
  • Multiple Choices.
  • Checkboxes.
  • Dropdown.
  • File Upload.
  • Linear Scale.
  • Multiple Choice Grid.
  • Checkbox Grid.
  • Date.
  • Time.

Multiple Choices

We all know what multiple-choice questions are. Like exams, they are questions that give you options to select from but you can only select one option.

Google Forms Multiple choice Go to section based on the answer

Google Forms also gives it a twist by allowing you to set what action to take next depending on the option selected.

For example, if you have options

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3
  • Option 4

When the person filling the forms fills it, selecting option 1 and clicking on next can lead to the next section, selecting option 2 can lead to the submit button, and so on.

Check out how WikiDevices used Section in this form below. Fill the form, select all three options and see different results for each.


Google Forms Checkboxes Response Validation

Unlike multiple choices mentioned earlier, checkboxes allow you to select more than one option.

Google Forms allow you to set how many options can be selected and an error message to show.

Linear Scale

Google Forms Linear Scale

Linear scale gives like a star rating view but without the stars.

You can set a range of numbers e.g. from 1 to 5. Then assign the highest label and the lowest label.

Google Forms Linear Scale Preview

It can be used when collecting ratings for a product, service, or website.

Multiple Choice Grid

Google Forms Multiple Choice Grid

This question type is just like the multiple-choice question type but adds more than one row.

It gives you the option to add multiple rows and columns to the options so they can select one option from each row.

Google Forms Multiple Choice Grid Preview

Checkbox Grid

Google Forms Checkbox Grid

Just like the multiple-choice grid, this also gives you the option to add more rows and columns to the options.

But unlike the multiple gird question type, you can select more than one option from one row.

Google Forms Checkbox Grid Preview

You can also limit each column to just one selection and shuffle the row order.

Google Form Options

Google Forms Options
  1. Add-ons.
  2. Customize Theme.
  3. Preview.
  4. Settings.
  5. Send.
  6. Additional Options.

Google Forms Add-Ons

Google Forms Add-ons

Google has an amazing feature that allows you to select from a vast library of add-ons that add various features to your forms. Like:

  • Form Limiter.
  • Form Timer.
  • Form Notifications.
  • Form Quiz Proctor.
  • Much more…

Google Forms Theme Customization

Google Forms Theme Options

Google Forms also has the option to customize how your form looks.

You can select a header image that will appear at the top of the form.

You can also select the overall theme color that will show as the lines and the selected options.

It also gives you the option to choose a color for the form background and also select from different font styles.

Google Forms Settings

Google Forms Settings

Google Forms has different settings for the form builder.

  • Collect email addresses: This will create an input box at the beginning of the form for those filling the form to input their email address. You can also send their responses to their email addresses.
  • Limit to 1 response: You can limit the form filling to only one response per person which will require them to sign in before they can fill the form.
  • Edit after submit: If this is selected, you can enable respondents to edit their responses after they had submitted already.
  • See summary chart and text responses: If this is selected, you can allow the respondents can view everyone’s responses in a chart summary form but can’t see who submitted what.
  • Presentation: You can set up the presentation settings like showing a progress bar of how far they have gone in the form filling, you can shuffle the question order, and show a link to submit another response which will be automatically selected.
  • Confirmation Message: You can also write a custom confirmation message after the form has been filled like “Thank you for submitting. Your response has been recorded.”
  • Quiz: You can also set up some quiz options like points for questions and more.

Send Google Form

Google Forms Send Form

You have now succeeded in creating your very own online form. It’s time to spread the word about your form by sending it out.

There are various ways you can send your form.

  • As an Email.
  • As a link.
  • As an Html code.
  • To social media networks (Facebook and Twitter)

You can also include the actual form in the email sent.

Additional Options

Google Forms Options 2

In the additional options panel, this is where you can:

  • Undo changes done to the form.
  • Make a copy of the form.
  • Move the form to the thrash. (delete)
  • Get a prefilled link.
  • Print out your form.
  • Add Collaborators.
  • Edit the Script Code.
  • Add Add-ons.
  • Preferences/Settings

Get Prefilled Link

Google Forms Get Pre-Filled Link

A prefilled link is a link that opens a form that has already been filled by you or an editor of your form.

Rather than sending a blank form to fill, you can fill some areas of the form and then get a link to the filled form. So when you send out the link, others can fill out the remaining.

Add Collaborators/Editors/Viewers

You can add collaborators who can view your form, edit it, and view responses. You can add anyone as long as the person has an Email Address.

You can add editors by inputting their email addresses in the email bar. You can also add groups if you have any on your Gmail account.

Google Forms Add Collaborators

You can also send people a link but they won’t be able to edit the form. These people are called viewers.

You can set some restrictions for the editors and viewers by clicking the gear icon at the top.

Once you have created multiple forms, you will your recent forms on your Google Forms page and you can select to edit or to get the link.

Google Forms Recent Forms

And that’s basically everything you need to know on Google Forms and how to use it to create and type of form. Looking for something that’s not in this article, leave a comment on your issue below.

We hope this article helped you create any type of online form with Google Forms easily.

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