How to Set a Group Alarm With Friends on Android Free

Do you have a group thing to do with your friends? Do you want to set up a group alarm with your friends to remind each other of the group thing? Check out our guide on how to set a group alarm with friends on Android for free.

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Everyone has friends and you always have things to do together. It could a party, study time or even morning exercise. Either way, you want to do it together.

Well, you can do that easily cause today, I’m going to be giving you the best way to set up a group alarm with friends on Android for free.

How to set a group alarm with friends

Now, there are different ways to get each other notified of something at the same time. You can do a group call, send a mass text, group on WhatsApp and some apps also help with this but the best way to get this done easily is using an amazing app called Galarm.

Using Galarm Mobile App


Galarm is the best free social alarm app that has lots and lots of features. It allows you to set up alarms anywhere and anytime like a calendar.

You can set up repeated alarms. For example, you can set alarms to repeat hourly, daily, and so on. It gives room to personalize your alarms, like waking up in the morning, medications, reading, online classes and so much more.

It also has a chat feature that allows different people to chat on the app and set up dates and alarms together.

And most importantly, it has a Buddy feature. The buddy feature on Galarm allows you to set up group alarms with friends which go in conjunction with the chat feature.


  • Create Alarms
  • Flexible Repetitions
  • Personalized Alarms
  • Chat Feature
  • Buddy Alarms
  • Block User
  • Alarm History
  • Cloud Backup

Set Up Process

Install Galarm

First, you have to install the app from Google Play Store HERE

Then you will be asked to register using your phone number which is not compulsory but to set up the buddy alarm, you’ll need to register.

Register on Galarm

During registration, you will receive a text message with a 4-digit code to complete the registration.

Then you will be asked to input a name and optionally upload a profile photo of your choice. Then the registration is complete.

Allow contacts

Galarm would need access to your contacts to find people who also have Galarm. You can add these people to your alarm.

Sometimes, your alarms may not ring. You can create an alarm and test it out.

If yours doesn’t ring, you have to allow Galarm as one of the unmonitored apps which allows it to ring anytime you set an alarm.

Add to unmonitored apps

You can now create alarms and groups. You can create an alarm by clicking the plus button at the bottom right of the screen and selecting New Alarm.

Galarm then gives you the option to either create an alarm for yourself, for someone else, or a group.

Note: Your friend(s) must have also registered with Galarm for the buddy alarm to work. You can send them invites by switching to the contact tab and clicking on the plus sign and selecting From Address Book. Then invite the contacts you would like to invite. They will get an invitation via text message and once they register, you can add them to groups and set group alarms.

Add contacts

And that’s the best way to set a group alarm with friends easily and for free on Android.

We hope this article helped you set a group alarm with your friends.

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