How to Properly Update Your FMWhatsApp without Issues Easily

Do you want to update your FMWhatsapp to the latest version easily and without the issue of losing any chat? Check out this step-by-step guide on how to easily achieve that.

update your FMWhatsApp

So you want to update your FMWhatsApp to the latest version without having any issues like losing any chat. Well, you have come to the right place.

I mean, to update your FMWhatsApp, you can just download the latest version of the app, install and open but that probably won’t be the best approach.

So today, I’ll be explaining how to properly update your FMWhatsApp easily and without any problems. You might also want to check out our guide on fixing the issue of contacts not visible on WhatsApp.

How to Update Your FMWhatsApp

As of when this post was written, a new version of FMWhatsApp just landed, the FMWhatsApp V8.65.

This version fixes many issues and will continue to get more updates, which will bring in more awesome features to FMWhatsApp.

So, for future purposes, go ahead and bookmark this post or save it offline.

Backup and Secure

FMWhatsApp settings

To get started, first, we have to back up our chats in case any problems arise during the update.

To do this, first head over to the FMWhatsApp app and click on the three(3) dots at the top right of the chat page.

Then select Settings from the drop-down options list. This should then take you to the general settings page for the app where your profile settings, account settings, chat settings, notification settings, and others are.

Chats settings

Then open the chat settings. You should see various settings for your chats like the theme for your app and chat wallpaper.

Scroll down and select the chat backup option. Your messages will immediately start backing up to your phone.

Note: FMWhatsApp does not back up to Google drive.

Once the backup is complete, it will be stored in the FMWhatsApp folder in your phone storage.

Now, we need to secure that backup.

To do this, head over to your files app on your phone and look for the FMWhatsApp folder.

Open the folder. You should see three(3) folders in the FMWhatsApp folder.

  • Backups
  • Databases
  • Media
Databases folder copy

The databases folder is the folder that contains the locally backed up chaat messages.

Hold on to the databases folder and copy the folder to a different location on the phone, preferably an external storage like a memory card. But for this guide, I’ll be using the phone’s storage.

Databases folder paste

You can paste the folder anywhere else in any folder but make note of where you paste in the folder.

For this guide, I pasted it in the Android folder.

And that’s it. Your messages have been backed up.

Note: Any new message that is sent to your FMWhatsApp will not be part of the backup.

Download and Install Update

Next, we need to download the latest update for the app and install it.

FMWhatsApp FMMods

Head over to the FMWhatsApp app and click on the three(3) dots a the top right corner and select the FMMods option.

Then scroll down and click on the Updates tab. Then select the Check For Updates option. This will check for any new updates of the app and give you the option to download the latest version.

FMWhatsApp check for updates

On clicking on the Download option, you will be redirected to the FMMods website where you will download the latest version of FMWhatsApp.

Then scroll down just a bit. You will see two(2) buttons to select from.

  • Download
  • Mirror Download
FMWhatsApp download

Click on the Download button. This will then redirect you to a new tab to download that version.

On scrolling down, there will be a timer that counts down and askes you to wait.

FMWhatsApp download timer

Wait for the timer to automatically hit zero and then redirects you to the download page for FMWhatsAapp. Then click on the download icon and your app should automatically start downloading.

Then after downloading the newest update (FMWhatsApp V8.65), you install it.

FMWhatsApp install

And that’s it on how to properly update your FMWhatsApp.

And if all goes well which I know it will, you can delete the copied databases folder from wherever you pasted it. Have any issues? leave a comment on your issue below.

FMWhatsApp Update Overdue/Expired

Sometimes, you might have been postponing the update for a while, and then your FMWhatsApp got expired and you got locked out of the app before backing your messages.

There’s an easy trick to that.

FMWhatsApp has a date limit for you to update your FMWhatsApp. If the date passes, you won’t be allowed into the app until you update.

FMWhatsApp update due date

So, to update an expired FMWhatsApp, all you have to do is to change the date of your phone to an earlier date before the due date.

Then back up your messages like I mentioned above and change the date back to its correct date.

Then download the recent update, install and you are good to go.

And that’s how to properly update your FMWhatsApp without any issues.

We hope this article helped you update your FMWhatsApp to the latest version. Also, check out our guide on how to have chat heads on WhatsApp

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